Contribute to our new publication The Comeback!

Mentored by attack journal heavyweights The Lifted Brow and published by student-run publishing house The Bowen Street Press, we’re an RMIT University student-led publication on a mission to give new and emerging artists a platform. If you’ve been disheartened by having your work rejected, we are making The Comeback for you.

Explore a world that is moving swiftly forward while looking firmly backwards: science is under threat, everything old is new again — but old, too —  and the state of politics is…well, we don’t know, do you?

Have you experienced déjà vu lately?

Found yourself on Wikihow, looking up how to ferment your own vegetables?

Are you yearning for the days when experiences weren’t unfolding through a Snapchat filter?

We want literal and metaphorical interpretations of the word ‘back’ — nostalgia and time; recurrence and retrograde; and your thoughts on regressive politics, retrospectives, or simply the large posterior area of a body.

Submissions of creative non-fiction, memoir, commentary, reviews, how-tos, interviews, fiction, humour, satire, poetry, cartoons, comics, illustrations, photography, or hell, even dot-to-dots are welcome. Submission should be current yet enduring; locally specific but with a broad outlook; perhaps experimental; definitely sharp and original.

The Comeback is student-run, so while we’d love to reward with the finest gold, please note all submissions are unpaid.


But we can offer:

  • Your work published in a real life print publication that you can touch and hold and show to your grandparents.

  • Your work promoted via The Lifted Brow and The Bowen Street Press, including social media posts and through the BSP website.

  • Non-exclusive usage rights, so you are welcome to republish elsewhere.

  • And most importantly, while we will give every submission the chance it deserves, if it’s not what we’re looking for this time around, we will provide you with constructive feedback and encouragement so you can give it another go, because that is the life of an artist — forever coming back.

So, wipe the dust of your oldies or get inspired and create something new and help us make 2017 the year of The Comeback.


Submission guidelines:

There are no restrictions on the number of submissions you can send, but please make sure everything you send is your best work.

  • Fiction/non-fiction, memoir, commentary, etc. maximum 2,500 words

  • Poetry: maximum 500 words

  • Comics, cartoons and illustrations: Please keep in mind our dimensions are 240x180mm. All artwork must be 300 dpi.


For questions and submissions please email: