All Fiction Zine
All Fiction Zine


Newly part of the Bowen Street Press, we’re a group of students with a zest for the wacky, the creepy, the strange.

We’re looking for all types of fiction with a touch of magic realism, urban fantasy or science fiction or lovers of escapism. We'd love for your works to be based in an urban environment but if they aren't and you think it'd be perfect otherwise – not a problem, send it on in! Everything from poetry to flash prose as well as illustrations, photography, collages and concrete poetry. Anything and everything fictitious, we’re open to all of your quirky ideas.

This zine will be published in hard-copy and online late May 2018.

Submission Guidelines:
– All written submissions should be to a polished standard. Please submit a word document using size 12 Times New Roman font, 1.5 spacing and 2.54cm margins.

Prose pieces must be 1000 words max.
Poetry pieces must fit onto one A4 sheet of paper.
Photos and illustrations must be submitted as a .JPG ile (300 DPI).
– Files should be named as [Draft] Title_Author Name (e.g. [Draft] Story_MaryPoppins).
– Unfortunately, as a student-led zine we are unable to pay for your work. But we’ll send you a heap of virtual hugs for being awesome and you’ll get a copy of the zine upon publication. And (of course) you’ll be a published writer which is always super cool.*
– Please email submissions with the subject: Submission: Fiction/Poetry/Art, Author Name (e.g. Submission: Fiction, Mary Poppins).
– We’re looking for muted tones and a cool colour palette. Think monochrome with a pop of colour.
* Successful authors/artists will always retain non-exclusive copyright over their works, the zine publishers will retain copyright in the volume form only.

For potential prompts check out our website.

Please email submissions to by 5pm Wednesday 28 March.



This semester we have an exciting opportunity for you to get your name in print. We are putting together an anthology that explores the many creative, nonfiction and artistic iterations that come from the word ‘tattoo’.

We are inviting creatives to think about tattoos. A tattoo can be the beat of a drum, a military ceremony or a historical or cultural symbol. It can mean permanence, love, hate or belonging.

We are accepting submissions in the following categories:
– Written prose
: nonfiction (essays, interviews, book reviews, opinion pieces, memoir, etc). Maximum 1500 words (but that doesn’t mean we don’t want shorter pieces!).
– Poetry: maximum of 30 lines or one page. Visual poetry is also welcome.
– Artwork/Images: of remarkable tattoos from a range of styles, cultures and time periods. Black and white only. Minimum 300 dpi for 140mm x 210mm dimensions.

We are looking for:
– Polished original work of a professional standard.
– A fit within the word count/requirements of our page layout.
– A creative approach to the theme.
– Engaging content.

We will be accepting electronic submissions only. Please send to by COB 27 March 2018.

All genuine submissions that meet the criteria will go into a draw for a juicy reward!

Please note: you, the author, retain copyright on your individual work. The publisher uses your work on a non-exclusive basis and retains copyright in volume form only.

Vantage Point
Vantage Point


Vantage Point is a new student-led publication working as part of the Bowen Street Press, in conjunction with The Lifted Brow. We are searching for the best fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art or anything in-between. 

We want work which dismantles what we know about our own vantage points, maybe you want to write:

– An essay that examines who has access to higher education in Australia
– A piece of fiction that considers an event from multiple perspectives
– A lyrical poem-hybrid-comic that transforms the way we see ourselves within an inherently privileged system
– OR maybe you have an experimental interpretation in any style or format that we haven’t thought of.

What if you don’t have anything that fits the theme? Send it anyway. After all, maybe the real (ad)vantage point you need is having your work published.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

– Fiction/Nonfiction: We’re after a mix of shorter and longer works, but no more than 2000 words each. Please send your work as a Word document. 
– Poetry: Send us whatever—a short haiku, a visual experiment, a sonnet—surprise us, but no more than 50 lines please.
– Art and comics: Maximum double spread sent in .jpeg or .pdf format (300 DPI minimum).

We’re not accepting pitches, but email any questions to us at

As we’re a student-run publication, unfortunately, we don’t have the means to pay you for your work. But if we accept your submission, you’ll have your work edited and published in Vantage Point and you’ll receive a free copy. You’ll also retain copyright on your individual piece. 

Submit to


Rabbit Poetry Journal
Rabbit Poetry Journal


A pioneer in the field, RABBIT intends to celebrate the potential for poetry to explore and interrogate the boundaries of nonfiction writing. RABBIT encourages poets to openly engage with auto/biography, history, politics, economics, mathematics, cultural analysis, science, the environment, and all other aspects of real world experience, recollection and interpretation.

Submit via: