Rabbit Poetry Journal #23, Youth
Rabbit Poetry Journal #23, Youth


A pioneer in the field, RABBIT intends to celebrate the potential for poetry to explore and interrogate the boundaries of nonfiction writing. RABBIT encourages poets to openly engage with auto/biography, history, politics, economics, mathematics, cultural analysis, science, the environment, and all other aspects of real world experience, recollection and interpretation.



Pulse – whether the pulse of a city, the heart, language, a sense of energy or a beat, we are looking for pieces that explore the theme of movement and change. We are accepting a range of non-fiction submissions that explore the human pulse, whether emotional or psychological, political or social. What does it mean for one or many pulses to beat to a different rhythm?

You may also explore the opposite: stagnation, where the pulse ceases, creating divisions, death and a sense of otherness. What happens when that vital pulse slows or stops?

We encourage submissions from a diverse range of voices and perspectives.

We are looking for non-fiction and black-and-white images:

Interviews, essays, memoir, artistic and literary criticism and media reviews (up to 1500 words)

- Poetry (up to 30 lines)

- Graphic pieces such as comics (300 dpi)

- Photographic essays (300 dpi)

- Single photo submissions and illustrations (300 dpi)

Send finished pieces to pulse.anthology@gmail.com with Your Name _ Submission in the subject line and include a bio of around 50 words in a separate Word document.

Pulse is a student-run anthology and we are unable to provide payment for any work. Contributors will be given a copy of the published book, opportunities to be published on the Bowen Street Press website and an invitation to the launch. Pulse will be distributed, but not sold commercially.

We look forward to reading about what makes your heart race.

The Comeback
The Comeback


Mentored by attack journal heavyweights The Lifted Brow and published by student-run publishing house The Bowen Street Press, we’re an RMIT University student-led publication on a mission to give new and emerging artists a platform. If you’ve been disheartened by having your work rejected, we are making The Comeback for you.

Explore a world that is moving swiftly forward while looking firmly backwards: science is under threat, everything old is new again — but old, too —  and the state of politics is … well, we don’t know, do you?

Have you experienced déjà vu lately? Found yourself on Wikihow, looking up how to ferment your own vegetables? Are you yearning for the days when experiences weren’t unfolding through a Snapchat filter?

We want literal and metaphorical interpretations of the word ‘back’ — nostalgia and time; recurrence and retrograde; and your thoughts on regressive politics, retrospectives, or simply the large posterior area of a body.

Submissions of creative non-fiction, memoir, commentary, reviews, how-tos, interviews, fiction, humour, satire, poetry, cartoons, comics, illustrations, photography, or hell, even dot-to-dots are welcome. Submission should be current yet enduring; locally specific but with a broad outlook; perhaps experimental; definitely sharp and original.

The Comeback is student-run, so while we’d love to reward with the finest gold, please note all submissions are unpaid.

Inside Outside
Inside Outside


Are you the kind of person who likes to colour inside the box, but thinks outside the lines? If yes, submit to Inside Outside

Inside Outside is a zine being produced by RMIT students through the Bowen Street Press. We’re seeking flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art/illustrations that focus on thoughts or feelings of interior, exterior and identity. We want to know what’s inside your head, or what’s outside your house. 

There is a 500-word limit for all written pieces, be it fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, but there is no minimum.

We encourage submissions as word docs and scanned/photographed copy of hand-written pieces (jpg, png files at 300 dpi). 

As Bowen Street Press is a student-run publishing house, we will be unable to pay for your contribution. However, contributors whose work is chosen for Inside Outside will receive a free copy of the zine, a chance to be published on our website, and also, an invitation to the launch.

All submissions will be accepted up until the 31 March 2016. Please send your submissions or queries to insideoutsidezine@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.